New: The Three Letter Word For Adventure





We’re Hollie & Margaret, two super awesome up and coming Registered Holistic Nutritionists searching for Noobs* around the world to join us as we embark on our blogging adventure. Anticipate turbulence.


Our goal is to provide simple and effective personally tested tips and tricks that allow you to look and feel super awesome without feeling intimidated or burdened by the overwhelming “health industry”.

Relevant Cliches: Walk before you run; One step at a time; Baby steps; Tortoise beats the hare; Slow and steady wins the race…. etc…etc..)



Yesterday (oops guess you’re already late…)


Wherever you are! Wellness doesn’t have a destination, we’re meeting you wherever you are on your personal health journey regardless of whether you’re a triathlon running health nut or a perma-couch potato!

(Daily dose of cliche: It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey!)


Why not?


*In case you’re SO noob that you don’t know what a noob is: A noob is someone new to any experience and is open and willing to learn new things (according to the dictionary of Hollie & Margaret… don’t read urban dictionary..)


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