“There is no love sincerer than a love for food”

FELLOW MEAL PREPPERS! Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for since last monday.  The day when you get to defy all odds and make ALL the food for the whole week.

Now maybe some of you feel like this about meal prep monday:

meal prep monday feb 25 2013meal prep monday (2) feb 25

“It’s too hard” “It takes too much time” “I have no idea what I’m doing anyways so I’ll just eat McDonalds for the rest of my life instead”


Now we do all our prepping on mondays… because that’s just how we roll. But if you have another day that works better for you like saturday or sunday GO FOR IT! You could have….Super Prepped Saturday… or…See How Prepared I Am For The Week Sunday! (doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as nice)…..HEY I FARTED FRIDAYS?

SO without further ramblings… HERE’S WHAT WE DID FOR OUR MPM!


Today for MPM I felt like…something wintery, and since it’s winter outside !! SEASONAL! So key.  Means you get awesome fresh vegetables that are local AND delicious. BONUUUSS

So, I made today a pretty simple plain brown rice just with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt to add a tiny bit of I’m not sure about anyone else but i find brown rice to be the worst thing to cook ever. It’s essentially my kryptonite because a. it takes 234658 hours to cook and then b. You never actually know when it’s ACTUALLY done… you’re either chewing on hard morsels of rice plaster or it’s brown rice mush. To which i say…

challenge accepted

I came out moderately successful. Still tasted a tiny bit undercooked but overall… better than normal. So I was satisfied with that.

I also roasted some super awesome sweet potatoes, beets and brussel sprouts (to all of those of you who just made the disgusted face and thought “well I’m just going to skip over that awful step because those are gross”…trust me I was basically the president of the “I hate brussel sprouts club”.. BUT! I gave them a second chance recently… and they’re actually really delicious when they’re cooked properly.. they’re worth the second chance!!!)

photo (6)

I then went on a bit of a cooking spree… (There’s a new season of Suits that I’ve been catching up on…lost track of time a little bit) So I made roasted red pepper hummus AND I changed around a recipe I had for banana muffins and turned them into gluten free banana cashew date muffins!! SO YUMMY (recipe to follow)

photo (5)



1: 1 3/4 cups all purpose gluten free flour

2: 1 Tablespoon baking powder

3: 1 Teaspoon cinnamon (I used a rounded teaspoon.. i REALLY like cinnamon)

4: 1/4 Cup honey

5: 3 Ripe bananas, mashed

6: 1/2 Cup almond milk

7: 1 Tablespoon Vanilla

8: 2 Tablespoons ground flax (mixed with a tablespoon and a half of water)

9: 1/4 Cup chopped dates (can be any fruit you want)

10: 1/4 Cup chopped cashews (can be any nut you want)


-preheat oven to 400 degrees

-Sift together ingredients 1,2 and 3

-In a separate bowl combine ingredients 4-8

-Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients

-Add ingredients 9 & 10

-Scoop into muffin tins (I used an ice cream scooper and it worked like a charm)

-Bake for 15-20 minutes (I baked mine for 15 minutes and they were perfect..but depends on the oven I guess)


photo (7)


COWABUNGAAAA ! Newest addition to my bucket list (right after the step where I ACTUALLY watch The Lord of The Rings trilogy) is to try those muffins! Those sound stellar ( KUDOS HOLLIE). This has been a bit of a trying MPM for me, there were tears (of both joy and fury-mostly hanger), there was a $10 macadamia nut incident, there may or may not have been an entire box of mary’s glutenfree crackers eaten during the experience.. BUT I made it! And with 15 minutes to spare before my 8 pm bedtime ZING

Firstly (and naturally) I kicked it off with nut butter heaven courtesy of my bestie best vitamix friend. Which is where I bring up the aforementioned (SCHOLAR LANGUAGE) $10 macadamia nut incident. I thought to myself

-You know what is bomb?


-You know what isn’t vegan and or even remotely healthy?


You can almost see the lightbulb go off in my head, can’t you? So, here I am, brilliant as a cucumber, venturing down to my local health food store to buy some hazelnuts. I MUST RECREATE THIS. I travel the annoyingly long five minute journey, arrive- mildly exhausted but nonetheless awesome(it was leg day. cut me some slack) and arrive just in the nic of time for my memory to kick in and remind me of that disgrossting (new word) story that one of our class mates told us last week. It involved hazelnuts, chocolate, and worms and that is all you must know. To make an uncomfortably long story short- I found some macadamia nuts and thought – Hey what have you ever made with macadamia nuts that wasn’t the most delicious thing you have ever tasted? answer- NOTHING .

I purchased those puppies for 10 smackaroos and brought them home to introduce them to my two little friends: cacao powder and raw honey BAM. I would share my measurements but I measure with my eyes and if I gave those to you then this blog wouldn’t exist and your life would now be pointless. You’re welcome.

photo (8)

Along with my fancy butter (which I have now named it), I also made coconut peanut butter because HEY I like fat and so should YOU

The rest of my MPM was vaguely disappointing but mostly because the nut butter part was over. I steamed some cauliflower and broccoli, made more guacamole coleslaw because that stuff was ON POINT! Grilled a chicken breast (stay tuned for the post when we tell you about how big of a deal that is) and also made some fancy ass coconut rice because I don’t mess around. In regards to Hollie’s misfortune with brown rice, I have two words for you. RICE COOKER. DUDE! Those things are off the chains, you literally put your rice in, and then your water, and then your heaping spoonful of coconut oil (if you are straight ballin like me) and then you press COOK and then you walk away. Best ever. I also prepped some veggies and hummus!


To end off the day:



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