WTF WEDNESDAY (#StopFitspiration)

“Be YOUR Beautiful Self”

This segment… is a mini rant. It’s a necessary one and something that makes us absolutely CRAZY. It’s something that all of a sudden exploded on the Internet and is now this huge phenomenon and it needs to STOP. It is called FITSPIRATION. (For some reason someone decided that putting the word “fit” in front of it made it WAY more promoting of a positive body image than the other devil of the internet “thinspiration” (WHOLE other animal of awful))

There is so much wrong with this epidemic that it literally could take all day to type out all of the reasons that it needs to not exist anymore. It supports everything wrong with how girls think about themselves and ultimately end up treating their bodies.

Yeah, we go to the gym to help us look and feel awesome… but our goal is not to look like one of the femme-bots you can find on any number of “fitspiration” pictures like this

fitspiration hate

or this

fitspiration hate 5

Our goal is to push ourselves past what we could do the day before. Our goal is to walk out of that gym and feel proud of ourselves. Our goal is to feel better and better every day because we’ve trained our bodies to function optimally. Our goal is to feel great about the people we ARE not the people others think we SHOULD be. (Side note: Have you ever considered the “others” who are pumping this fitspiration stupidness?…Do you know them?? If they were to walk up to you in person and tell you “hey look at these abs, isn’t this what you want?? How about I just follow you around every day with no shirt on so you can CONTINUOUSLY feel bad about your own body all day long.” Seems a little ridiculous when you think about it that way doesn’t it? – essentially the same thing as the pictures ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Constant reminder that “you just aren’t good enough”)

These images and messages promote

  1. Not eating (uhhh that sounds like the worst idea ever. Margaret would have the most raging “Hanger” ever. Like she would Godzilla the hell out of everyone)
  2. Feeling guilty about pretty much eating anything (Guilt unfortunately is a VERY powerful trigger for pretty much everything negative… and should not be associated with food EVER. If you have a bad day where you fell off the wagon a little bit… it happens. It happens to everyone. You are not the only one. Just pick yourself up and don’t beat yourself up. The past is the past & you can only focus on your present!)
  3. Looking at someone else’s body and striving to attain their body instead of what is ideal for YOU (The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Not some unrealistic ideal that will ultimately just make you feel bad about yourself because it’s unattainable)
  4. The concept that if you don’t have their body then you are a subpar human being and should essentially just quit everything and live in a cave because you’re not worthy to be seen by anyone anyways (YOU are you. YOU get to make the decisions about your body and you alone. NOBODY should get to tell you how you should be or how you should look. Only you get to decide that.)

Now here’s some 411 about the people you see in 99.99% of those pictures:

1. They’re probably jacked like that because they’re doing fitness competitions…where they get in bikinis and show off their muscles. They’re not the “norm”, they are not your average person going to the gym to lose a little weight and feel good… and they are not realistic.

2. They’re probably severely dehydrated because when you’re dehydrated your muscles show way better. Which is why you can see every muscle fiber in their 12-pack abs. (Dehydration is basically the absolute WORST thing you can do for your body… besides maybe throwing yourself in a wood chipper. Also not ideal.)

3. They are most likely on VERY strict and restrictive diets.

4. The photos are MORE than likely photoshopped.

(Side note 2: This is not to bash people who do fitness competitions… we know lots of them and it’s nothing personal against you. Just isn’t realistic for the everyday person going to the gym and trying to be healthy.)

We are here to promote POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE by providing workouts and nutritional tips that we hope will assist you in finding YOUR perfect YOU…not some version of you that a picture on the internet has said you have to be.

Go to the gym to feel good!

Go to the gym to burn off negative emotion!

Go to the gym to boost your self-confidence! (Not tear it down)

Go to the gym to sweat and feel accomplished!

Eat well not because it’s what the Internet told you to do but because it makes you FEEL good!

Eat well because it helps build muscle!

Eat well because it’s what your body needs.

(Or in our case we need to eat so we don’t destroy buildings and breathe fire)

Too many women out there are ashamed to eat and workout because they’re uncomfortable in their own skin as a result of media shoving this “ideal body” nonsense so far down our throats we don’t even know what normal is anymore. If you watched tv and actually counted the number of commercials in a week that are on pushing weight loss and having a perfect body… it’s might as well go to the beach and try and count grains of sand! It’s no longer about just being “fit” it’s about taking everything that makes you YOU and disposing of it to achieve this unattainable perfection.

Nobody is perfect, we DEFINITELY aren’t. We’re stone cold, gluten free, fist pounding, hanger avoiding, exceptionally hilarious holistic nutritionist weirdos… and we have totally accepted that.

weird is rad

Let’s change the way we think about food and the gym. Not as calories going straight to your thighs but as nourishment for your body so you can feel amazing every day… and not as a place where you need to run on the treadmill for at least 5 hours to burn off everything you ate that day, but as a place where when you leave you feel like you’ve accomplished something great and you feel fantastic about yourself.


stop fitspiration


These sites are both amazing for promoting healthy and positive body image!:

fitspiration picture

stop fitspiration 2

beauty redifined



10 thoughts on “WTF WEDNESDAY (#StopFitspiration)

  1. Lauren Bersaglio (@lauren_b_sag) says:

    YES! I am in full support with everything you say in this article! Especially this: “NOBODY should get to tell you how you should be or how you should look. Only you get to decide that.)”

    I came across this article under the #StopFitspiration tag on twitter (I am the Founder over at Libero Network – and we are the ones who started the tag) and it is so great to see others joining us in this movement! I love this article and will definitely share it on our pages.

    Keep up the great work! And feel free to keep using the tag to send us any more articles you write on this topic!

    -Lauren B.

    PS – we created a Tumblr blog today dedicated to #StopFitspiration ( and because of this, the links you used in this article no longer work – the new links are: 🙂

    • thenourishingnoobs says:

      Terribly sorry for the MAJORLY slow response… sort of new to the whole blogosphere so didn’t really realize there was a “reply” option until recently… I’m so glad you found our post I find your site SO inspired and moving! There needs to be more people like you on the internet! 🙂 Keep up your amazing work thank you for allowing us to share a small part in supporting your cause of #StopFitspiration

  2. moniquemorris2010 says:

    Reblogged this on moniquemorris and commented:
    I completely agree. All of these INSPIRATION things which actually equate to look at this picture and feel bad about who you are and yourself. Why dont we all just strive to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. And set goals that work for us and our lifestyle rather than pushing ourselves into the ground and dreaming to look and become something we are not. So many young women get sucked into this false reality and it is sad how we are not raised in a world where media just tells us how amazing we are just how we are and just strives to teach us how to give our body nutrients and incorporate healthy exercise into our lives.

    • thenourishingnoobs says:

      As mentioned to another commenter… we were unaware of the existence of a “reply” option to comments… so VERY sorry for the exceptionally slow response… did read your comment and LOVED it! So happy you feel the same way about such a worthy cause… it’s unfortunately becoming “just the way it is” to be unhappy with the way your body is and I HATE that. Self-love is becoming seriously overlooked even in campaigns that claim to be beneficial to helping women with healthy body-image… it’s still promoting the notion that all that matters is beauty… we’re under the impression that it’s much more beneficial to have a beautiful inside. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and hopefully we can play a small part in allowing people to have the information that’s so desperately lacking in the media today! 🙂

  3. LisaVanAdams says:

    Are you guys nuts or was this “Controversial Blogpost” day?
    I notice 2 of the bloggers promoting this #stopFitspiration are commenting on the same blog. First off, the Fitspiration/ThinSpiration trend of this time is a much needed break from the uber PC “afraid to tell it how it really is” culture that I grew up on. Here in America, we have been duped into thinking that Fat culture is okay. Well I’m here to say its not okay.

    “we created a Tumblr blog today dedicated to #StopFitspiration”

    Grow up! You know darn well these images are just meant to motivate fat people to lose weight. It is unhealthy to be overweight or disproportionate. Being Fit is not just about being physically healthy, its also about being mentally healthy as well.

    • thenourishingnoobs says:

      Thanks for your comment Lisa, if you read the post I am clearly not against people being motivated to be physically healthy or mentally healthy for that matter. I am simply against the “fitspiration” image that has been displayed which promotes the concept that being fit is about having a perfect six pack ab body.
      I obviously don’t promote the “fat culture” as you put it or think that it is okay. I understand people need motivation to exercise, but people wanting to be fit shouldn’t be driven by some unattainable picture of a girl with a perfect body. They should be driven by the fact that they feel better, and ya look better and improving their own self image not trying to make their bodies look like someone elses.
      There are girls out there who have severe self image issues who are seriously worsened by things like the fitspiration thinspiration trends and so people who promote the #stopfitspiration movement are supporting them. This isn’t something they need to “grow up” from I think it’s amazing.
      Thanks again for commenting I hope you have a better understanding now of where I’m coming from, and no I’m not nuts.

    • Sarah says:

      Don’t read the blog if you don’t like it Lisa. If you think it’s okay for someone to think that the only way to be happy is to have a body like those models… Instead of being healthy, fit and happy…then that’s your opinion. But this is a positive blog so save your little comments for blogs like yours. 🙂

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