Meal Prep Monday!!

“I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food”


Once upon a time Hollie & Margaret had lives that didn’t revolve around school and work…that was a very long time ago. The number of hours we work in a week and the amount of studying and testing required of us… all out of our control. What we CAN control… is the food we get to eat for the whole entire week. And what better way to do that than to make it all at the beginning so it’s one less stressor throughout the week!

BRILLIANT YOU SAY… we know. You’re welcome 🙂

MPM march 4th


Ohhhhh man this week… I was feeling some asian persuasion! Discussing with Margaret what I was going to do I had pretty well decided on pad thai…Until I started actually cooking…. and when that happens it usually turns into me eating half the ingredients before I even use them and making something completely different from what I meant to. HOWEVER. I did end up with something in the ball park of pad thai!

I basically chopped some garlic, sauteed it in sesame oil, then added a can of coconut milk (ALWAYS INDUCES YUM FACTOR), some nutmeg, cardamom, curry powder, cumin and some crushed chili flakes

Then! I put some chopped sweet peppers (I used red and yellow), baby bok choy (THE CUTEST VEGETABLE EVER CREATED), and some shredded carrot and sauteed it with some coconut oil. I proceeded to make rice noodles (as per directions on the box… essentially this is the easiest thing to cook in the history of the universe. It’s literally fool proof)

photo (11)

This is the part where the magic happens:

“Sauce” + Beautiful Vegetables + Rice Noodles + Anything Asian = BOOM STIR FRY TYPE THING!

photo (9)

This ended with a GIANT batch of deliciousness… should keep me going the rest of the week! For snacks I still have a TON of hummus left from last week… and hardboiled some eggs (best snack of all time. Self-proclaimed) 🙂 HAPPY EATING!


Due to extenuating circumstances resulting from previously mentioned over working Margaret’s component of this segment of MPM will be continued at a surprise time later in the week!!!
I know everyone will be at their computers impatiently awaiting the brilliance that will come out of her head. 🙂 HAPPY PREPPING


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