“We have decided to be happy because it’s good for our health”



We apologize for not being able to post as frequently as either of us would like… We’re pretty crazy busy and it has been more than normal lately…. busy for many people is just another word for stress.  All people can see in the word busy is “not enough time for me” or “I’m missing out on that” … And we totally agree! Day to day it can get very taxing and result in a lot of anxiety issues and stress! 

These days it seems like we all have our own personal stress but then it gets put on us to get all cranked up about allllll the other problems happening all over the world (not that staying current is a bad thing)…it’s just a lot to take in in a day! Stress is a fundamental cause of a multitude of health disorders and conditions..it leaches nutrients from the body and basically ALL the fun… NO GOOD WE SAY!

SO!! Today… for something different (we’ve noticed that we’re very all over the place with our blog posts… we’re kind of all over the place in real life though too so it’s pretty accurate) we decided to just make a post about some of the HAPPY FEEL GOOD WARM AND FUZZIES in life 🙂 Just as a little reminder that even if you’re having a bad day or week or month… there’s good out there. It really exists. Sometimes just knowing that makes a world of difference 🙂

Here’s your weekly dose of positive!! Don’t use it all in one place! … or do 🙂


There’s a city called Belo Horizonte in Brazil that took a stand and decided enough was enough and they weren’t going to accept that their people would live in starvation and that children would go to school hungry every day.  So they ended hunger. It’s such an inspiring story and really just induced awe that a city could come together for a common good…The world could use a solid dose of Belo Horizonte.

“I knew we had so much hunger in the world. But what is so upsetting, what I didn’t know when I started this, is it’s so easy. It’s so easy to end it.” -Adriana Aranha



WARM AND FUZZY 2 (Just cause everything is better in twos)

This story came down the pipeline this morning in our local newspaper and it NEEDED to be shared… A gentleman in a wheelchair was feeding ducks in the river when his chair slid down the riverbank into the water (it’s cold up here in the great north aka Canada. THE WATER IS FLIPPIN COLD) so this 15 year old boy ran down and pulled him out of the water.  Take away message: THERE IS HOPE FOR THE YOUTH OF THIS WORLD 🙂 

We hope that we managed to invoke inspiration or at the very least a smile in some people today! Smiling is underestimated.  There is more power behind a smile than most give it credit for… SO LETS SMILE MORE TODAY!

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂




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