Meal Prep Monday! BUDGET EDITION!

“It’s clearly a budget…It’s got a lot of numbers in it”

George W. Bush

(dose of mind numbing intelligence for the day?)

Margaret and Hollie are students… which ultimately means we can’t afford to spend a billion dollars a week on food.. Not exactly ideal since we eat all day long everyday.

So!!! often (literally 9 times out of 10 this will happen) people will tell us “we can’t afford to eat healthy”…WELL! We’re here (once again) to the rescue for all those financially impaired individuals like us out there just trying to not eat garbage everyday just because it costs less.

This week we made PASTA (Can hear all the shocked gasps from the crowd of gluten free followers) … GLUTEN FREE PASTA! šŸ™‚ Since the winter months are still continuing to plague us (pretty over it at this point…) it means now we have to resort to pretending it’s spring… which is fine we have big imaginations! This big imagination resulted in pasta primavera! šŸ™‚ Classic spring pasta with beautiful colourful vegetables!


-Sliced portabello mushrooms

-Buttercup (or any other kind) squash


-1/2 Red Onion chopped

-2 Cloves garlic


-1/2 Cup Olive Oil

-2 Free Range Eggs

-1/2 Cup Organic Plain Yogurt (or plain greek yogurt)

-1/4 Cup Chopped Fresh Basil

-1 Clove of Garlic

-Salt & Pepper

INSTRUCTIONS (we have a tendency to make up recipes as we go…so we’ll do our best here)

-First of all you’ll want to roast the squash! šŸ™‚ – Cut the squash in half without cutting off any fingers or toes (at which point we will need to figure out why your feet are on the cutting board) and lay cut side up in a roasting dish at 400 degrees for 1 hour :)!

-Then!! Sautee garlic in olive oil over medium heat until browned, then add the red onion until translucent and then add the beautiful portabello mushrooms !


-After all this deliciousness is done it’s time to cook up the PASTA! (we used vegetable brown rice pasta – it’s all colourful and yummy) – to do this boil some water with a pinch of salt, add the pasta and cook according to the package !

-While the pasta is cooking time to make the sauce! – Add all the sauce ingredients to a food processor and pulse until creamy! (easy peasy)

-Once everything is complete add the pasta, the beautiful vegetables and the sauce all together and heat everything through!



-Red onion


-Buttercup squash

-Fresh Basil

-Container of yogurt

-Bag of pasta

-Portabello Mushrooms

-Bag of ground flax (totally unrelated.. just needed it..)

*All this (aka MEALS FOR A WHOLE WEEK) cost a total of 23.47! PROOF IT’S DOABLE! You just have to try šŸ™‚Ā 



Happy Prepping Friends šŸ™‚


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