Work It Wednesday!

“The only limitations you will ever have are the ones you put on yourself”

Well everyone…. this is just another wednesday under our belts! This week we decided to share another workout secret of ours that we found VERY effective and just a really great thing to add to your usual legs day workout that results in uhhhh crazy burning and potentially some crying… ? But that’s okay since we go to the gym when nobody else on the earth does so we can just whine to ourselves… well and each other. BUT NOW YOU CAN TOO!

SO! Introducing…. the monster additive to legs day (because legs day wasn’t awesome enough)…



(Standing calf raises) – (We both use different things to be honest… one of us uses the actual standing calf raise machine and one of us uses the seated leg press for it… to each their own! You could even do them using a step and just holding weights)

(We’re showing the weights that work for us… if you need to use heavier or lighter just adjust to what you do and just use relatively the same system!)

…There’s been a lot of side notes so far.

90lbs – Bottom end calf raises (Bring heels from the “relaxed” position to parallel) (12 reps)

70lbs – Full range 1 second calf raises (12 reps)

80lbs – Full range calf raises with a 4 second hold at the bottom (12 reps)

55lbs – Seated calf raises (30)

For the mathematicians out there… you say HEY that doesn’t equal 36… technically the seated calf raises at the end are not officially a part of the 36 special fun… But we do it anyways just BECAUSE WE CAN!

legs day penguin


pound it


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