Meal Prep Monday! :)

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful”

HAPPY POST EASTER EVERYONE! … Not sure about everyone else but pretty sure we ate our body weight in food this weekend…

SO.. due to the fact that we’re both having meal prep monday AND easter dinner hangover monday we decided to go with a super light meal prep (also because when you have food hangover you have energy levels of basically zero and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking a ton)


This week we went with a pretty simple chicken salad! We used a ton of vegetables (you can use whatever’s fresh/local/in season where you live!), some baby kale, chard and spinach and just some simple sauteed chicken

photo (17)

For the chicken we coated ours in just some oats pulsed a little in the food processor and some quinoa (gives it a nice crunch when you sautee it)

Then just add pretty much whatever seasoning you like on chicken we went with some salt and pepper a little rosemary and some parsley!

(POTENTIAL SUBSTITUTE: you could also use leftover turkey in your salad that would be spectacular also! – we were just turkey-d out)

-Just sautee the chicken in some coconut oil over medium-high heat until it’s nicely browned on the outside and not raw on the inside 🙂 (will depend on the size of chicken breasts you get) – then just slice those babies up and throw them on top of your salad!

For the dressing (due to the lazy factor) we used the same one as the salad last week (honey & apple cider vinegar vinaigrette) – also because it’s CRAZY delicious & it pairs really well with the chicken!

NOW since we were moderately uncreative with this week’s MPM food recipe we decided to throw in something totally different and do a POWER SMOOTHIE! (aka the easiest possible way to pack a ton of nutrients and delicious into a glass)

For this smoothie we used

-a bunch of kale (torn into pieces)

-1 beet chopped up (makes it easier to blend up)

-1 banana

-1/3 cup organic plain yogurt

-1 cup mixed berries

-Handful of chia seeds

-Couple tablespoons of ground flax seeds

-1 cup almond milk

-1 scoop protein powder

(Now that looks like a killer smoothie already)

-If you’re lucky enough to have a vitamix (Margaret…) then you will have zero problem blending all of these into oblivion. If you’re not so lucky (Hollie..) then you can just use a plain old blender you just have to do the blending in stages (add ingredients from the top down – add a little almond milk throughout the process so that it makes the liquifying a lot easier)

And even if you end up with some veggie residue in your smoothie you could always run it through a strainer to get all that nonsense outta there.

photo (18) photo (19) photo (20)


MPM(This is essentially what we looked like cooking today)


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