Work it Wednesday- Beach Day Workout!!

“You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal”

Charles Carlson

Happy Wednesday!! SURPRISE! Back to multiple posts a week?! (insert hallelujah chorus)


So… I’m all about the holistic lifestyle and living healthy, it’s just how I choose to exist.  I enjoy the fact that I gain knowledge in this field (specifically the nutrition side) everyday… HOWEVER. I am no expert on exercise… I’m not a trainer and my idea of planning a workout is going to a pre-planned class (refer back to my method for idiot-proof baking… this is like idiot-proof exercise) DON’T GET ME WRONG… I think classes are phenomenal and it’s a great and fun way to get active! I’m just referring to that whole other part of the gym where they have all that intimidating equipment.

Now… I’m fortunate enough to have a boyfriend who IS actually a certified trainer… so he manages to coax me into working out with him once a week. The day which I have now lovingly renamed “Terrible Tuesday”. (Unfortunately I usually work right after said terrible tuesday workout so I don’t have time to make the post that day… so we’re sticking with work it wednesday).  Since these workouts are generally pretty fantastic and not everyone is lucky enough to get workouts planned out for them I figured I would SHARE with the world 🙂

SO. This week he excitedly told me we would be doing “Beach Day Workout” which included arms and abs.  I’m not a huge fan of arms day because my upper body is probably the weakest part of me and I’m a VERY competitive individual so I find I get pretty frustrated during these workouts… BUT… they must be done.

So, without further ado… Here is….


(With fun pictures so you know how to do each one 🙂 )

(I did 3 sets, of 8 reps each… just my personal strength level but everyone’s different)

-Preacher Curls with EZ bar  

ez bar preacher curls

-Reverse Tricep Pulldown

tricep pulldownpulldown handle

(Couldn’t find a better image… it’s essentially this except you’re pulling it down instead of pushing…so flip the hands around and use the above attachment-so one arm at a time)

-Standing Hammer Curls


Assisted Dips

assisted dips(This is actually a sketch of what I look like when doing them…weird)

-Reverse Bicep Curl

reverse bicep curls(I did these with a straight bar and standing… but this works too)

Triangle Tricep Extensions

tricepsextensions1tricep extension handle(Use this attachment 🙂 )

-Hanging Leg Raises

hanging leg lifts(My gym has a jungle gym type apparatus hanging out in the middle… so if you have one too.. USE THAT- if not you could go old school and use monkey bars at a playground or something!)

-Ab Roller (Only 2 sets)

ab rollers(If this isn’t readily available at your gym… try asking a personal trainer if they have any available to borrow for your workout – if not you could replace this with plank, v-sits… you could put in any ab exercise you enjoy… this particular one isn’t that enjoyable BUT it’s very effective and really works your ab muscles hard)


For this we used the machine at the gym, but if you don’t have one you could do bicycle crunches… or usually when I do obliques on my own I stand and hold a plate and essentially tip to one side (it’s like a sideways crunch while holding the plate)

BOOM! There you are friends 🙂 Hope everyone is having an excellent week and the rest of it is wonderful! Happy exercising!! 🙂

exercise motivation


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