Find The Time!

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Hi friends!

Hope everyone in Canada Land had a SPLENDID thanksgiving and you all ate your faces off to the point of food coma… that’s the point of Thanksgiving right? …. if not i’m totally doing it wrong.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about what I do as a holistic nutritionist and while we were having the discussion it came about that most people don’t believe they have time to eat healthy/don’t consider it a priority and more of a nuisance than anything. Whaaaat?! I say.

Then I thought about it more and realized that eating unhealthy and becoming a victim to the “convenience cycle” is SO so common.  Convenience has become the only word that matters anymore in terms of food.. “oh it sounds good but it probably takes way too long to make and there’s no way I have time to do that”.  It doesn’t help that now there are commercials that actually promote the concept that cooking for your family is a hassle and it’s way easier to just order take-out online or cook something out of a box, surely loaded with sodium and preservatives that are easily avoided by taking 5 extra minutes.  Don’t get me wrong I totally understand the fact that people are busy.

For example: A day in the life of Hollie: I work my regular 2 jobs 40-45 hours each week, while on top of that doing all the nutrition planning for both my family and clients. (I get that sometimes you’re stretched thin.)

I’ve learned over the course of time that it’s crucial to maximize the time you DO have as opposed to using that time to talk about how you have no time.  (we’ve all done it let’s be honest)

It’s all about routine and schedule and planning.  I understand this doesn’t happen overnight it takes time to develop these things… but make small changes towards it! Set  your alarm 20 minutes earlier or limit yourself to 6 snooze button smacks instead of 8.  The most dramatic changes come from small, permanent ones as opposed to outlandish ones that you’ll never stick with for longer than a few days.  Spend those few extra minutes you have in the morning to prep dinner for the evening, pack a lunch… whatever you need to do to make your day a little bit easier! Even just a few minutes to sit and drink a cup of tea and breathe for a second to yourself…may make the hugest difference towards alleviating the pressure of a busy day.

Holding yourself accountable to your goals is key too! Have a friend that you text in the morning to confirm you’re awake (the fear of disappointing/letting other people down is a very powerful motivator – more powerful (i found) than the “I really should have gotten up this morning and gotten things done… now I actually have no time and actually have nothing done..” thought process that is pretty well inevitable the more times you hit the snooze button) (COMMENCE STRESS CYCLE)

squiggle face

We could all use a little….a.k.a a LOT less stress. So take a few for yourself and chill out, you have time for it, cooking isn’t inconvenient it’s investing time into your body where you live 100% OF THE TIME, it’s worth it.

time will passHappy Tuesday!!



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